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YCLED720 Mobile Type LED Surgical Light

YCLED720 Mobile Type LED Surgical Light

XYC series LED surgical light is a long-lasting light based on LED technology. With maximum brightness and exceptional shadow resolution as the keys to success in surgical lighting, the YCLED720 provides a large column of light and superior illumination.

YCLED720 Mobile Type LED Surgical Light

YCLED720 series LED surgical light with LED lighting source provides cool light, shadow-free illumination and nature white light for surgeries. The high performance LED provides excellent optical features for medical applications. The compact design of YCLED is suitable to use in any medical envirenments. Light configurations including mobile, mobile with built-in battery, wall mount and ceiling mount can be purchased based on customer's needs.


1. Excellent cool light: The light adopts LED as light source. During long operation, temperature increase at surgical site is < 2 °c and upon surgeons head < 1 °c. Low temperature increase is good for long operation as well as fast wound heal.
2. High color rendering index: Ra ≥97 helps surgeons identify different organizations properly.
3. Streamline shape: Thin streamline shape is good for laminar flow.
4. Unique optical design: Adopt unique optical design, make full use of beam, output clear outline and uniform illumination.
5. Accurate brightness control: Use digital methods to adjust brightness, maintain accurate color temperature even at lower brightness.
6. Energy saving effect: At the same brightness, LED power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, 1/2 of halogen lamp.
7. Environmental friendly: The light is impact resistance, recyclable, free of mercury, infrared and ultraviolet.
8. Long service life: 60,000 hours service life. It is 10 times of halogen lamp, avoiding frequent replacement of lamps during life span.

Technical Parameters:

Illumination Intensity 180,000Lux
Color Temperature 4300±500 K
Light Spot Diameter 100-300 mm
Depth of Focus ≥1200 mm
Brightness Adjustment (Stepless) 1-100
Color rendering index ≥97Ra
Temperature increase at operation area <2℃
Temperature increase over surgeon’s head <1℃
Radius of operation ≥2200mm
Radius of working 600-1800MM
Power Supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power 400VA
LED Services Life ≥60,000 hours
Lamp Power 1W/3V
Best Install Height 2800-3000mm

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