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Basic Requirements for Ceiling Operating Theatre Lights Installation

Ceiling operating theatre lights play a crucial role in providing optimal illumination during surgical procedures, enhancing visibility for medical professionals. Understanding the necessary requirements for their installation is essential to ensure efficient and safe operation.

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I. Requirements of the Base in Operating Theatre for Surgical Lighting Installation

Ceiling operating theatre lights are specialized equipment mounted on the roof of the operating room, and the secure placement of these lights is of utmost importance. The ceiling surgical lights must be able to withstand loads up to 300kg and possess sufficient rigidity to support and endure the load.

The standard height of an operating room is 3 meters, and the recommended installation height for operating theatre lights is between 2.8 to 3 meters.

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It is recommended to be installed on concrete floors or beams. If the ceiling is completed, remove part of the ceiling first and then install the light, then repair the ceiling after installation.

1. If there is no crossbeam
1.1 Part 1 of the picture is the height from ceiling to roof
1.2 Part 2 of the picture is the height from ceiling to ground

2. If there is a crossbeam structure and it is required to be mounted to the crossbeam, the following data need to be measured
2.1 Ceiling to roof height (Part 1)
2.2 Height of the crossbeam (Part 3)
2.3 Width of the crossbeam (Part 4)

II. Presetting Mode for Ceiling Operating Theatre Lights Installation (for reference only)

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1. Pre-setting Splint Dimensions
The splint should have four evenly distributed holes with a diameter of Φ14mm within a Φ240mm diameter area. The splint's thickness should be at least 12mm, and the material used should be 45 steel. The outer diameter of the splint should be larger than or equal to Φ360mm or can be processed into a square shape with sides larger than or equal to 360mm.

2. Ceiling Splint Type
To install the lights, one splint is placed at the top and another at the bottom of the ceiling. The splint plates are fixed using M12 bolts, nuts, spring washers, and flat washers. The M12 bolt (the threaded part) should be 60mm longer than the splint. Additionally, the upper splint should be covered with waterproof material to prevent water seepage from above.

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