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What's the difference between LED surgery light and regular lighting?

In order to better safeguard the surgical treatment environment, LED surgery lights have been developed, gradually replacing the traditional conventional surgical lights. It has become a common type of surgical treatment in modern medicine. Here's a look at the difference between LED surgery light and regular lightings.

led surgery light

The essence of the surgery light is different from regular lighting, and it appears to meet the special needs of surgical treatment. The key properties are irradiation brightness demand of operating room, safe use irradiation demand, shadow demand, cold light requirement and removable sterilization demand. Divided into two classifications, the overall reflection halogen surgery light and the LED shadowless surgery light. Overall reflection shadowless surgery light is divided into dual-head lamp and single-head lamp (primary and secondary lamp), and the LED shadowless surgery light is also divided into dual-head lamp and single-head lamp.

led surgery lights

The surgery lights ensure the brightness of the operating room. Surgeons should be able to accurately identify contours, colours and movements. Thus, the intensity of light close to the mass of the sun, at least 100,000 Lux, is guaranteed. Lights up to 150,000 Lux, can continuously adjust the brightness of operating lamp. In case of malfunction, the spare bulb can be switched automatically and the operating lamp can be used safely.

LED light source is one of the new light sources with rapid development in recent years. LED light used in surgery light has the following significant advantages:
1) Low power consumption, small heat dissipation, and no harm to patients;
2) The characteristics of LED cold light help the operation to proceed smoothly and avoid the risk of wound moisture loss due to thermal light;
3) Long life of LED light sources, which can be tailored to different application scenarios.
4) Array surface light can be distributed in a variety of methods to meet the needs of different applications.

LED chip operating surgery light uses multiple white, red, green and blue LEDs arranged closely in a matrix array on a small area of the substrate, using a multi-way drive controller to control each color LED, according to the different illumination requirements, through PWM control of the brightness of the white LED, according to the red, green and blue LEDs mixed with the corresponding color temperature change rule, with PWM control of the light emitted by each color LED to make it to achieve the desired color temperature. Color temperature adjustable range 3200K to 5000K. Doctors can adjust the color temperature to suit different preferences and areas needed for surgery. Higher color temperature can relieve visual fatigue caused by prolonged intense light stimulation and improve the quality of night and prolonged surgery.

With the new filters, 99.5% of infrared light can be filtered, ensuring that the light reaching the use area is cold. The LED surgery light installation position and high standard sealing shank, can effectively control the number of pathogens, and can be detachable and disinfected. Shadowless surgical lights should have one or more transformers on remote ceiling or wall ports to convert the input voltage to the low voltage required for most bulbs. Most surgical lamps are equipped with dimming controls, and some products adjust the range of light fields to reduce illumination around the surgical site (reflections and flashes of sheets, gauze or instruments can cause irritation in both eyes). LED surgery lamps are a great way to ensure surgical lighting. In addition, this irradiation is particularly suitable for human eye. This does not mean it has a significant effect on the human eye and can reduce eye strain caused by intense surgical treatment.

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A high performance surgical shadowless lamp offer great benefits to doctors and patients. The use of surgical LED surgery lights makes it easier for doctors to operate safely and provides greater protection for the lives of patients. This shows the importance of surgical lights to the healthcare industry.

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